Sequel to Sara’s debut
novel, Riding Lessons

Maybe it’s her approaching 40th birthday…
or her ex-husband’s new wife and baby…
or Eva, her rebellious 16-year-old daughter—
but the only time Annemarie Zimmer feels
any peace is when she’s on horseback, flying
like the wind. Even her relationship with Dan—
the man who put the reins back in Annemarie’s
hands after a tragic accident left her bitter and
afraid—is on shaky ground. Could the fact that
she can’t have any more children be the reason
he hasn’t proposed? Annemarie is well aware
that the past is still a cloud on her horizon, and
now that Eva is demanding to ride competitively,
it’s getting darker by the minute, conjuring up
images she would rather forget.

Then, suddenly, another heart-wrenching
turn of events forces Annemarie to take stock
of her life. Will she finally learn that where
there’s hope, there’s happiness?
All she has to do is reach out…

“Even if you are horseless
(my deepest sympathies),
you will love this novel.”
-Rita Mae Brown

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